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Summer weddings, my tips & tricks to keep you cool on your big day!

Don’t you just love Australian summers! But we all know that the heat presents us with challenges!

Here are some tips to help you and your guests if your wedding day turns out to be a scorcher.

  • Think about what time of the day you will start your wedding ceremony. Try to avoid the hottest part of the day and opt for later in the afternoon or early evening.

  • Make sure your wedding venue offers some shady spots to escape the heat if outdoors, or a portable air-conditioner if you are getting married in a tent or marquis.

  • If outside in a garden, make sure that the chairs for seating guests as well as the area for the wedding party are under some shady trees.

  • Have an usher pass around some chilled hand towels to guests to cool their necks and hands.

  • Provide some buckets with ice water strategically placed at the end of seating row.

  • Prove small icy pops – these will be especially good for younger or older guests.

  • Place some fans around the seating area, or provide small hand held fans on each seat (these can be bought cheaply from variety shops).

  • Maybe you could hire a few small, pretty, market umbrellas to create some extra shade.

  • Provide sunscreen for your guests and bridal party.

  • What do you plan to wear? If you want to be formal, check that the materials of your clothing breathe well in the heat.

For the signs of heat distress look here:

Or if the sky opens up and the rain comes down...

Well, many of the tips above still apply:

  • Umbrellas come in all shapes, sizes and colours … have some fun with them.

  • There are some fun gumboots available these days … a quick shoe change before you enter the reception area means you can still wear that special pair that finish your wedding outfit. And think of the fun photo’s you can take in your gumboots!

  • Rainy days make for fantastic lighting for your special photo’s ☺

Stay cool & dry!

Julia xo

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