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What do we need to know?



How much notice do we have to give to get married?

30 Calendar days.  Shorter periods can be approved by a Magistrate however only in exceptional circumstances.


Will our wedding be legal if the ceremony is held on the beach or in our own home or garden?

Yes it is!  It is the legal wording used by your authorised Celebrant that makes it official, not the location.


After our wedding, do we get a Certificate of Marriage?

Yes you do!  I will explain the process to you at our first meeting :) I can even arrange a special rainbow embossed marriage certificate for you, just ask!

What do we need to do?

All of  the legal paperwork is all the same, regardless of what type of wedding you are having. 

Couples that wish to get married in Australia must complete the Notice of Intent to Marry (NOIM) and have it lodged by your celebrant one month prior to the wedding day.


Note:  The one month is mandatory, however under special circumstances the notice can be shortened by a Magistrate but usually only under dire circumstances.


Identification Documents

Gather all of your ID together.  You will need to provide proof of your name, place and date of birth and a photo ID.  Your birth certificate, Drivers Licence and/or Passport will cover this.

First Aid

Have you been married before?

If you have been married before you must provide proof of how the last marriage ended, either a death, nullity or divorce certificate will be required.  Any marriage that has been solemnised in any other country is valid in Australia.

Birthday Cake


Start booking your suppliers; venue, catering, flowers, cars etc ASAP.  Some months are very busy for weddings and you might be disappointed if your preferred supplier is booked out.

Wedding Photoshoot

Mid week savings

Consider a mid week wedding!  It can sometimes save you some expense, and your suppliers might be more available.

Wedding Table Setup

Wedding expo's

Check out all the Wedding Expo’s … they’re fun and full of great ideas to help you plan your day.


What happens on the day?

I will arrive at least 45 minutes before ‘walking down the aisle’ because I like to make sure everything is perfect, and I have time to welcome your family and friends.  I will make sure everyone is relaxed and ready for your arrival. Once the ceremony is complete, I can help coordinate any group photo’s or your departure parade.  I won’t move any of my equipment until all guests have dispersed.

Lisa and Sylvian 3.jpg

"Julia conducted our wedding in Sydney in June of 2018. She took great care of us from the very beginning. Julia helped us with the completing and filing of the required paperwork, she answered all our questions and calmed our nerves.


She conducted our ceremony with grace and kindness, and added many thoughtful touches that helped our ceremony go smoothly. She was more than just a celebrant, she was our wedding coordinator!


Julia is a very organised, intelligent, thoughtful, kind, and funny person, with a pleasant manner. She'll make sure your wedding ceremony is conducted exactly as you want it.


I would highly recommend Julia to anyone who is getting married."

Lisa C

16 June 2018

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