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Wedding Stories

Love is love...

At Rainbow Weddings Queensland we know that everyone's story is different. We love to celebrate the unique, so when we join couples in marriage, we like to make sure their story lives on in the ceremony.


Each of the couples we've been privileged enough to meet and share a special moment in their lifelong story, comes with their own ideas and wishes, and we work hard to make those wishes and dreams come true.


Here are a few stories from some of our lovely couples as they prepare for their big day, and their experience working with me to bring their special day to life.

Akina & Ben.jpg

Akina & Ben

Akina and Ben's engagement was a long one (apparently this was all Ben's fault), so Akina had plenty of time to create her very own wedding dress, and it was stunning!  She also created a special dress for their engagement party and photos.  


Stuart & Anchalee

The wedding of ‘Stewie and Chickie’ was a blending of two cultures. Stewie is a golf loving Aussie bloke who loves Thailand, and Chickie is a beautiful, gentle Thai woman who also loves golf.  They wanted to have elements of Thai culture in their wedding ceremony.


Hiedi & Gavin

It seems love is in the air in my family as I recently got to marry my other sister Hiedi to her kiwi love, Gavin! Set in the beautiful Marlborough region in a beautiful marquee in the vines.

Siobhan and Peter 4.jpg

Siobhan & Peter

I was right there when Peter went down on bended knee to propose to Siobhan in front of family and friends.  They were celebrating a special occasion at my favourite local, the Drift Bar, which Peter manages.  Siobhan was completely taken by surprise, and there was so much excitement.  

Liana & Bahri..jpg

Liana & Bahri

This was a very formal wedding, held in the spectacular grounds of the Werribee Park Mansion in Victoria, and all of the guests dressed to impress! The bride, groom and their attendants looked like they belonged on the cover of Vogue magazine.

Lachlan & Evan.jpg

Lachlan & Evan

But of course one of our grooms came down the aisle to Kylie! And, they both wore ostrich feather bow ties (in different colours). Lachlan and Evan are so ‘in sync’ they finish each other’s sentences for each other.  Their vows to each other were very touching.


Aaron & Marsha

Just like Bindi Irwin, Aaron and Marsha decided to bring their wedding date forward during Covid-19 restrictions on wedding ceremonies.  We could only have 5 people in attendance (Celebrant, Bride, Groom and 2 Witnesses) and we all practiced the 1.5m social distancing requirement (other than the Bride and Groom of course).   


Samantha & Rachael

These two girls had such a funny and friendly wedding.  Very small, but bright with lots of rainbows!  The wedding party wore rainbow ties and ribbons.

Duane and Jenny 2.jpg

Duanne & Jenny

Duane and Jenny walked down the aisle together, just as they plan to spend the rest of their lives … doing everything together. 

5. Kelsea and Todd.jpg

Kelsea & Todd

Kelsea was determined that her ceremony was going to be held on the beach, despite the fact that we had had downpours of rain the previous day and all that morning.

Madison and Ryan.jpg

Ryan & Madison

Absolutely glam, glam, glam wedding party!  Madison is very photogenic and her hair/make up and gown were gorgeous!  Ryan and his groomsmen turned up in a custom combi van … very Byron Bay.

Kendall and Nathan 1.jpg

Kendall & Nathan

Kendall is a beauty therapist, and does a lot of magazine work so her makeup and hair was gorgeous. 

Lisa and Sylvian 1.jpg

Lisa & Sylvian

I married my sister!

This was an intimate family wedding in the beautiful setting of the Nielsen Restaurant, where the grounds of Nielsen Park meet the ocean.


Two Loving Brides

A very private and relaxed ceremony in their back yard in Mudjimba.  We had to time the vows in between aircraft flying over from the Sunny Coast airport!

Our Wedding-167.jpg

Robbie & Ella

Robbie & Ella have overcome many obstacles in their relationship, but their wedding vows clearly showed how their unique love kept them together.

Duane and Jenny 6.jpg

"Our whole wedding experience with Julia from Rainbow Weddings was absolutely superb!


Right from the start Julia had every detail under control. She was knowledgeable, professional, creative and helpful.


Julia guided us through the process and gave us excellent ideas for our vows. On the day there was not a thing to worry about - Julia was thoroughly professional and helped to make our ceremony and the whole day a relaxed and fun occasion.


Many thanks for a wonderful wedding experience."

Jennifer M

28 September 2019

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