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Liana & Bahri

Werribee Park Mansion, Victoria

18th March 2023

Well wow!


This was a very formal wedding, held in the spectacular grounds of the Werribee Park Mansion in Victoria and all of the guests dressed to impress!


The Bride, Groom and the wedding party looked like they belonged on the cover of Vogue magazine.


There was a violinist to welcome the Bride (Murat Eltan) and an Opera singer to serenade the Bride and Groom as they signed their official documents (Tanya de Jong).  All of this added to the magnificent backdrop of the historic Werribee Park Mansion and it’s formal gardens.


Whilst we enjoyed Champagne on the terraces after the ceremony, we were treated to a ‘fly over’ by one of Bahri’s friends in an old war plane (Bahri is a pilot).  However, while the ceremony itself was very formal … the celebration afterwards was far from it.


Bahri’s family and many of his friends are Turkish, so there was lots of music, drinking, dancing and drums.  

Yes drums!  Liana and Bahri were welcomed into their reception by the resounding beating of loud Turkish drums.  It was a very moving and exciting moment, and something I'll never forget.

Photography:  Phenomena Photography & Cinematic 

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