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Samantha & Rachael

Robertson Gardens Arbour, Queensland

2nd April 2019

Sam and Rachael had such a funny and friendly wedding!

I married them at the Robertson Gardens wedding venue, in an enclosed and very intimate little garden, which was perfect for a small ceremony. There were rainbows everywhere … with the wedding party wearing rainbow bow ties, and ribbons in their hair.

The girls chose not to ‘walk down the aisle’ or have one waiting for the other at the end of the aisle.  Instead they started towards the arbour together, then separated to walk around their guests, and then meet up again under the arbour.  This meant that they circled their family and friends, before coming together to say their vows.

Sam and Rachael wanted a short ceremony, so that they could quickly move from the formal part of the wedding and onto the party celebration, which was very fitting for this friendly and funny group ☺

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