Renata & Belinda

The venue is yet to be revealed...

Renata & Belinda are racing to the alter...literally!


The 'Swiss Miss' mountain bike and XTerra Cross Triathlon champion, Renata has finally met her match in the beautiful and  equally competitive Belinda.

With Renata currently juggling managing the Aloha Racing team, along with her coaching and racing commitments, and Belinda a busy paramedic with a long list of racing achievements of her own, a wedding is hard to fit in amongst all the swimming, riding, running and racing!


Our biggest challenge is getting these two amazingly fit, fast and  adventurous women to slow down long enough to say 'I do'.


As planning begins for their big day, I know this wedding is going to be an adventure in itself as we work together to include everything, and everyone, that is important to these two beautiful people into their ceremony. 


This will be another unique wedding and I look forward to sharing some fantastic pics of their special day soon!

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